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Common building blocks in vanadium oxide clusters


It is well-known that the chemistry of giant polyoxomolybdates is controlled by the presence of structure-directing pentagonal building units of the type {(Mo)Mo5}. Recently, the same building units have also been observed in large polyoxotungstate systems.

We have found, that several of our polyoxovanadate systems feature similar secondary building units of the type {M1V5} (M = transition metal). However, due to the different coordination behaviour of the vanadate units, these secondary building units are of lower overall geometry as compared with the molybdate and tungstate systems.

The observation of these units in a range of cluster types allows us to rationalize the structures, but more importantly, we can develop a better understanding of the common assembly principles which guide the cluster formation in solution. This will help us to gain more control over the cluster architectures.









Common building units in molybdate and vanadate clusters

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