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Energy conversion and storage using molecular metal oxides


Solar energy conversion

Molecular metal oxide clusters are promising materials for the conversion of sunlight into chemical energy equivalents. By coupling highly redox-active polyoxometalates and thiometalates with molecular photosensitizers, new molecular and supramolecular systems are developed which are capable of VIS-light driven water oxidation or water reduction. In addition to understanding the reaction mechanisms of these system in detail, we are highly interested in studying their degradation and possible repair processes, e.g. By reversible dynamic solution chemistry or by embedding in functional heterogeneous matrices.


Electrochemical energy storage

The linkage of molecular metal oxides as charge-storage sites with electrically conductive substrates for charge transport gives access to high-performance composite electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors. Using these principles, we have developed a range of composites where polyoxometalates are embedded in nanostructured carbon, conductive polymers or metal electrodes, leading to materials with increased performance under chemically demanding conditions. Understanding the interfacial charge transfer processes as well as the mechanisms leading to efficient charge storage are key questions currently investigated.






 POM-based water oxidation catalyst

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