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10/2018: Welcome to our three new group members Grace Lowe, Ivan Trentin and Si Liu!


07/2018: Isolda Roger Barba has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt-Fellowship. Congrats, Isolda!


07/2018: Steffi Schönweiz and Benni Schwarz are leaving the group. All the best and thanks for all your hard work!


07/2018: Joint CataLight paper with the Rau and Mizaikoff groups on biphasic oxygen detection. Well done team!


06/2018: Joint paper with the Bresser/Passerini group in ACS Nano - well done Yuanchun!


05/2018: Joint paper on giant cerium bismuth tungstate clusters in Angewandte Chemie. Well done everyone!


04/2018: Joint paper with the Bresser/Passerini group (HIU) on Co-doped tin oxide LIB anodes in Electrochimica Acta. Congrats Yuanchun!


04/2018: Dr. Isolda Roger Barba, formerly from Mark Symes’ group, has joined us as a postdoc. Welcome, Isolda!


04/2018: Magdalena Heiland and Simon Greiner have joined us as Master students. Welcome to the group!


03/2018: Our joint project with Timo Jacob (Ulm) and Christoph Riehn (Kaiserslautern) has been selected

for participation in the DFG Priority Program SPP2102 (Mainz) -Light-controlled reactivity of metal complexes.


03/2018: Ashwene’s paper is accepted by Sustain. Energy Fuels. Well done Team {Mo3}


03/2018: Yuanchun’s paper on 3D-printed water filtration is accepted by ChemComm! Well done!


02/2018: Montaha has been awarded the Mileva Einstein-Maric Award by Ulm University. Congrats from all of us.

...and thank you, HIU, for the press release


02/2018: Carsten is now Chair at Ulm University and PI at Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)


02/2018: Manu’s Paper on aerobic barium vanadium oxide oxidation catalysts is accepted by Chem. Eur. J. Well done!




12/2017: Carsten is now Associate Researcher at Helmholtz Insitute Ulm (HIU) - Electrochemical Energy Storage


11/2017: Steffi and Benni have both passed their PhD exams. Congratulations to both of you!


11/2017: Carsten has been elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)


10/2017: Dandan Gao has joined us for her PhD studies, she has been awarded a CSC fellowship. Welcome, Dandan.


10/2017: Salam Maloul has joined us for a PhD, sponsored by Schlumberger Foundation and DAAD. Welcome, Salam.


10/2017: Jawaher Baizig has joined us for the second time for a 2 month research visit. Welcome Jawaher!


10/2017: Two papers on manganese vanadates for water oxidation and LIB batteries

in ChemComm and  Chem. Eur. J. Well done Benni, Yuanchun and the rest of the team!


09/2017: Paper in Angewandte on low-valent iron(I) stabilization in high valent vanadate clusters. Well done Montaha and Kathi!


08/2017: New paper on photosensitizer-POM dyads for light-driven hydrogen evolution. Well done Steffi, Leni and Montaha!


07/2017: Carsten has received the Science Award of the City of Ulm 2017.


07/2017: Joint paper with Felix Schacher (Jena) on POMbranes accepted in J. Mater. Chem. Well done, Manu!


07/2017: Paper on in situ catalyst repair published in ChemistrySelect. Well done Manu and Kathi (aka Dr. Kastner)!


06/2017: Joint Paper with Anne Kahru and Scott Mitchell on antimicrobial POM-Ils accepted in ChemPlusChem.


06/2017: Sebastian Knoll has received a LGFG-PhD-fellowship. Congratulations, Basti!


05/2017: Joint paper with Timo Jacob (Ulm) and Jadranka Travas-Sejdic (Auckland) in Adv. Funct. Mater.


02/2017: Joint paper with Yu-Fei Song on robust oxygen evolving electrodes - Congrats to Jun and Benni!


01/2017: Sven Herrmann has been awarded the Carl-Roth-Award for his PhD thesis - Congrats, Sven!




12/2016: Leni, Montaha, Andrey and Benni just published a joint paper on POM anion sensing. Congrats!


12/2016: Sven Herrmann has been awarded the Gips-Schüle Award for the results of his PhD studies.

Also, Sven’s paper on POM-SILP water purification has been accepted by Angewandte Chemie. Congrats, well done Sven!


11/2016: Ana Enderle, Archismita Misra and Amirouche Maza have joined us as PhD students, welcome to all.


08/2016: Shaolin Xing has started her PhD, welcome to the group, Xiaolin.


08/2016: Sven and Medha have left the group to take up new positions, all the best for you future!


07/2016: Sven Herrmann has successfully defended his PhD thesis - congrats, Sven


06/2016: Katharina Kastner has received the PhD award of the Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft. Congrats, Kathi!


03/2016: Jun Hu from BUCT (Prof. Yufei Song) has joined the group as an exchange PhD student. Welcome, Jun!


03/2016: Benni’s paper on manganese vanadate water oxidation catalysts has been accepted by Angewandte. Congrats, Benni


01/2016: Yuanchun’s paper on sonication-driven nanocomposites has been accepted by EES. Well done!




11/2015: Montaha Anjass has joined our group as a joint PhD student with Prof. Timo Jacob. Welcome Montaha!


10/2015: Katharina Kastner has successfully defended her PhD and is now off to a postdoc position with Dr. Graham Newton and Prof. Victor Sans-Sangorrin at Nottingham. All the best for you, Kathi!


08/2015: Sven Herrmann has been awarded the Poster Prize at the Inorganic Chemistry Conference Erlangen ICCE. Congrats, Sven!


08/2015: Yuanchun Ji has joined our group as a PhD student working on vanadate energy storage systems. Welcome, Yuanchun.


05/2015: Ashwene Rajagopal has joined us as a new PhD student, working on solar energy conversion by metalate complexes. Welcome, Ashwene


03/2015: Johannes Tucher has left the group All the best for his new career. As a goodbye present, his paper on reactivity tuning

by template modification has been accepted by Chem. Eur. J. Well done and all the best for the future, Johannes.


03/2015: Joint Perspective with Chris Ritchie (Melbourne) on POM-Conductive polymers accepted in Dalton Trans.


03/2015: Kathi’s paper on sequential metal incorporation using her placeholder approach has been accepted in Chem Eur. J. Well done Kathi


02/2015: Joint paper with Yufei Song on POM-Carbon nanotube materials for battery electrodes accepted in Chem. Eur. J.


01/2015: Our joint review with Yu-Fei Song’s group has been published by Energy and Environmental Science.


01/2015: Joint paper with Sven Rau on POM-Ruthenium photosensitizer interactions published in Dalton Transactions.


01/2015: Benni’s paper on Strontium vanadate chains has been accepted for publication by Dalton Transactions. Well done!





10/2014: Sven’s Angewandte paper has been chosen as a “Hot Paper” by the editors and is highlighted on the cover and in a press release


09/2014: Sven’s communication on self-repairing corrosion protection coatings has been accepted by Angewandte. Well Done, Sven!


09/2014: Johannes Tucher’s paper on reactivity tuning of Lindqvist-type photocatalysts has been accepcted by Dalton Transactions. Congrats.


07/2014: Johannes Forster has successfully defended his PhD thesis - Congratulations, Johannes!


06/2014: Kathi’s paper on a molecular placeholder strategy for controlled metal oxide cluster assembly has been accepted

for publication in Chemistry - A European Journal Well done Kathi!


05/2014: A joint paper on anion-binding polyanions by Andrey, Johannes (F.) and Magdalena has just been accepted

for publication by ChemComm - Well done everyone!


04/2014: Johannes Tucher’s paper on the photocatalysis of bismuth vanadates has been accepted for publication

in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. Well done, Johannes!


04/2014: Andrey’s paper on a cerium vanadium cluster photocatalyst family will be published in ChemEurJ. Well done, Andrey!


04/2014: Medha Dave will join us in summer on a Schlumberger-funded postdoctoral fellowship. Welcome, Medha!


03/2014: Owen Smith from Oxford University will join us on a DAAD- and GRK1626-funded visit over the summer. Welcome, Owen!


03/2014: Stefanie Schönweiz and Benjamin Schwarz have joined our group. Welcome!


02/2014: Sven Herrmann has been awarded a doctoral fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie.  Congratulations!




12/2013: Andrey’s paper on the first chiral POM photocatalyst has been accepted for publication in ChemComm - Well done, Andrey!


11/2013 - Sven Herrmann has joined the group as a PhD student - Welcome, Sven!


11/2013: Carsten has been awarded a venia legendi in Inorganic Chemistry from Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuermberg


08/2013: Carsten has accepted an offer from Ulm University to take up a professorship in inorganic chemistry. He will take up the position in August 2013.


06/2013: Sven and Andrey’s review article on POM-based ionic liquids (POM-ILs) has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Molecular and Engineering Materials. Well done, boys.


05/2013: Kathi’s Full Paper on barium vanadium oxide chains has been accepted for publication in CrystEngComm. Well done, Kathi.


04/2013: Our Dalton perspective is amongst the top ten most cited articles in Dalton Transactions 2012


04/2013: Andrey Seliverstov has been invited to attend the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Congratulations, Andrey.


01/2013: Welcome to our new MSc students Stefanie Schönweiz, Benjamin Schwarz and Sven Herrmann




11/2012: Katharina Kastner reports the largest polyoxovanadate-based cluster in Chemical Communications. Well done, Kathi!


10/2012: Johannes Forster reports a synthetic route to high-nuclearity mixed-metal vanadates in Chemical Science with contributions by Katharina and Johannes Tucher. Well done everyone :-)


07/2012: Johannes Forster’s poster on water oxidation has won the poster prize at the Evonik Creavis S2B Colloquium “Photochemical Watersplitting


05/2012: Johannes Tucher reports the first molecular bismuth vanadium oxide cluster in his paper in Chemistry - A European Journal. Congratulations, Johannes!


04/2012: Benjamin Freitag, Alexander Giesa and Antonio Notarnicola have joined us for their

MSc projects. Welcome to all of them!


04/2012: Our Dalton Perspective is the most accessed paper in Dalton in March 2012.


03/2012: Johannes Tucher has a Full Paper accepted for publication in the POM-themed issue of

Dalton Transactions. Well done, Johannes!


02/2012: Our Dalton Perspective is amongst the top ten most accessed papers in January 2012.


01/2012: Katharina has started her PhD, working on photoactive vanadates. Welcome, Kathi




11/2011: Perspective Article accepted for publication by Dalton Transactions


10/2011: Katharina has been awarded a PhD fellowship by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). Congratulations!


09/2011: Kirsten’s paper accepted for publication in EurJIC. Well done!


09/2011: Johannes Tucher has started his PhD work. Welcome, Johannes.


04/2011: Andrey Seliverstov has been awarded a doctoral research fellowship by the DAAD. Congratulations, Andrey!


04/2011: Kirsten’s paper has been accepted for publication in ChemComm. Congratulations, Kirsten!


03/2011: Katharina Kastner has joined the group for her MSc project. Welcome, Katharina!


01/2011: Full Paper on theoretical Hirshfeld analyses of supramolecular architectures accepted in EurJIC.


01/2011: Paper on photoactive vanadium oxide clusters accepted in ChemComm. Congratulations!


12/2010: Keeping in line with the Johannes theme, Johannes Tucher has joined us. Welcome, Johannes!,


10/2010: Johannes Unfried has joined the group, Welcome, Johannes!


09/2010: Kirsten Heussner has joined our group as a diploma student. Welcome, Kirsten!


07/2010: Johannes Forster has finished his diploma work and will now start a PhD, following up his successful vanadate chemistry. Congratulations, Johannes.


06/2010: New paper on Keggin-net frameworks  published


06/2010: Latest paper on silver tungsten-oxide structures published


03/2010: Paper on self-assembled {W48} nano-cubes published


01/2010: Latest paper on self-assembled nano-wheels


09/2009: Carsten has taken up a Liebig-Fellowship to start his independent research at FAU Erlangen